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"Biomass cogeneration plant as the base load facility in the Lębork district heating system" is a project financed by the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme.

Implemented activities:

21st February 2013 - launching the procedure for the implementation of "Biomass cogeneration plant as the base load facility in the Lębork district heating system" in the 'design-and-build' mode

24th April 2013 - opening of the tenders in the 'design-and-build' procedure

29th November 2013 - signing of the contract for the implementation of the Project in the 'design-and-build' mode. The contractor is the consortium of companies: Polytechnic Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH, A-2564 Weissenbach, Hainfelderstrasse 69 iPolytechnikPolska Sp. z o.o., 81-509 Gdynia, ul. Bytomska 14. The final date of completing the contract is 30th June 2015. The net sum of the contract: 32 010 315,00 PLN, plus the VAT tax.

1st December 2015 – handover of the CHP plant to the operator

2nd June 2016 – official opening of the CHP plant in the presence of Pomeranian Marshal, Pomeranian Voivode, voyts and mayors of neighbouring counties and towns, authorities of Lębork, CPPC, Ministry of Development and representatives of the Swiss Contribution.

Construction timeline:

Beneficiary: Municipality of Lębork

Donor: Switzerland represented by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

Project value: 11.638.194 CHF

Co-financing: no higher than 9.892.465 CHF

The Project consists in the construction of a biomass cogeneration plant working as the base load facility in the district heating system of the town of Lębork and cooperating with the existing heating plant KR-1 of the Municipal Heating Company (MiejskiePrzedsiębiorstwoEnergetykiCieplnej Sp. z o.o.). Completing the Project will result in making use of the mechanisms of support for the production of energy from renewable resources and high-efficiency cogeneration, with the use of local renewable fuel resources.

Main results of the Project implementation will be:

Photo gallery construction site of the CHP plant.

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